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Training Supervisor at Lab9 Academy

After having worked as a Training & Application Specialist for 2,5 years I’ve now taken up the role as Training Supervisor at Lab9 in Belgium. Supported by Adobe specialist Dimitri Stevens and Apple specialist Dominique De Bouver it’s my objective to improve the quality of all training services of the training department — Lab9 Academy. Continue reading Training Supervisor at Lab9 Academy

I’m a technical assistant at Adobe MAX 2014

I can’t express how excited I am to be able to attend Adobe MAX this year in Los Angeles. But it’s not all fun and play, no no no. I’ll be working there as a technical assistant, supporting the hands-on workshops and other sessions.

Continue reading I’m a technical assistant at Adobe MAX 2014

Adobe Muse HD graphics for Adobe DPS: new article

Have you ever wanted to create web graphics for your Adobe DPS project that look crisp on both SD and HD devices? Well you can thanks to the newly introduced HiDPI settings in Adobe Muse.

iPad2 versus retina display

My latest article on CreativePro shows you how to set up your project in Adobe Muse and proves that this new option allows you to use HD graphics for your projects on retina display devices.

Read the full article here.

Emediachat guest appearance

I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten Rourke (pronounced “K-ear-s-tin”, she hates it if you get it wrong) while attending PePcon this year in Chicago.  Not only is Kirsten an awesome trainer and speaker, she also hosts a weekly talkshow together with Rick Zanotti called “Emediachat”.

The show usually involves a relaxing chat with a central guest about technology and design. And I’m very happy to be that guest on their show on 3rd Sept at 6PM (Brussels time, click here to convert your time zone). It’s always fun to talk about these subjects and I’m very much looking forward to the show.

The chat will be streamed live using the Ustream service, and if you want to watch the previous episodes be sure to check out their Vimeo channel.

** UPDATE ** the recording of the show is available here.

Hope to see you there!

All’s quiet … but not for long

Hi all,

Been a while since I was able to post anything new, sorry for that. I just finished an amazing 1-year stay in Sydney and only just moved back to my home city Gent in Belgium. It seems my travel in July and the hassle of moving back to Europe has delayed my blog activities here.

Luckily, the dust has started to settle now and I have a few very interesting projects in the pipeline so I’d suggest you stay tuned for more news soon.

— Bart

InDesign Magazine #61: Adobe DPS power tips

I’m happy to announce the new InDesign Magazine #61 finally arrived! And I’m particularly psyched  about this one because it is completely devoted to Adobe DPS. It features an impressive list of 52 power tips for using Adobe DPS, of which 10 were provided by me. In total you can enjoy about 113 pages of DPS pleasure.

InDesign Magazine 361

These tips go beyond the basics and are based on my product experience and troubleshooting so I hope you get to enjoy them. Remember you can get a subscription here.

I’m speaking at Sydney Adobe Users Group meeting

Good news everyone!

I’ll be hosting the next Adobe Users Group meeting in Sydney on 8th may in the Adobe office. During this 2hr session I’ll be talking about how you can build and publish your iPad app to the App Store using the DPS Single Edition solution. Remember, your Creative Cloud licence entitles you to create as many single-publication apps as you want.

If you want to attend my session, or just check out the agenda be sure to visit this link.

See you there!

I’ve become an Adobe Community Professional

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been recognised as a “Community Professional” by Adobe. Here’s a short extract from the Adobe site that explains what this means:

Adobe Community Professional

“The Adobe Community Professionals Program is a community based program made up of Adobe customers who share their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe community. The Adobe Community Professionals’ mission is to provide high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills of Adobe customers worldwide.”

What does this mean to the readers of this blog? Nothing much really :-) But receiving recognition from Adobe is a great motivation for me to keep going and continue writing articles and sharing my knowledge.

So stay tuned for more!

Interactive App Store submission PDF

In my online article on the CreativePro website, I discussed a series of tips on how to effectively organize a DPS project briefing. In that article I emphasised the importance of getting the correct information from your client to publish an app on the app store. This means that your client needs to supply you with info to make up the Apple iTunes product page. Eg. app description, keywords, copyright url, app category etc … And this process just became a whole lot easier!

How to organize an effective Adobe DPS project briefing

When you’re working as a DPS freelancer or an agency you often find yourself struggling to get a decent briefing out of your client. Sure, they know how to handle and organize their print projects by giving you info on deadlines, paper size, folding, spot colours and other important things. But the details of a digital publication are often still too obscure to some people, which can lead to missing information to get the job done (in time). In those cases, it is up to you to help your clients setup a decent briefing to get (and keep) a DPS project on the rails. My article on gives you 9 tips on technical and practical requirements and will help you collect all the information you need from your client.

Read the full article here.