Come and say hi during these next events

Things have been really busy these last few weeks and there seem to be events everywhere these days. And of course I’ll be attending my fair share as either a speaker or moderator.

Here’s a list of what’s coming in the next 2 months.

Come and say hi

  • 26th Oct: Adobe Creative Executive Meeting (Antwerp) – More info
  • 27th Oct: Digital Government Seminar (The Hague) – More info
  • 27th Oct: Adobe Creative Meetup (Eindhoven) – More info
  • 28th Oct: Adobe Creative Jam (Eindhoven) – More info
  • 1st Nov – 4th Nov: Adobe MAX 2016 (San Diego) – More info
  • 7th Nov – 9th Nov: The InDesign Conference (Washington DC) – More info
  • 15th Nov: Adobe Creative Meetup (Amsterdam) – More info
  • 17th Nov: After MAX Event (Antwerp) – More info


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