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Back from MAX 2017, with a wonderful story

Back from MAX 2017

I started out my career as a graphic designer, getting my hands dirty on every design product Adobe could come up with. But after a few years I learned that I had an even bigger love for teaching Adobe products to designers in a classroom environment and speaking at conferences. So that’s what I did for the next 8 years, through out Europe, the US and Australia, before I joined Adobe in 2015.

Last year, I was a guest speaker at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego. And I was thrilled to learn that my suggestion to organise an Adobe InDesign session for advanced users was approved. Not only was I excited to put on my (classroom) trainer shoes again, I got to host a hands-on lab session for 100 people at a time. And the best thing of it all was that I got to do that 3 times in total during the MAX conference. Continue reading Back from MAX 2017, with a wonderful story

Speaking at PePcon 2015 in Philadelphia

It’s official! I’ll be speaking again at PePcon 2015 (the Print and ePublishing Conference) in Philadelphia, PA.  If you’re into print or digital publishing I’d highly recommend you jump on a plane and get to Philadelphia to attend my session. But there’s a lot more to discover … Continue reading Speaking at PePcon 2015 in Philadelphia

InDesign Magazine #70: GREP of the month

Wow time flies. Issue #70 of InDesign Magazine has just been published. If you’re a subscriber you should download it now before the PDF gets cold! Why, you ask? Because again my new GREP-of-the-month expression has been published. And this time I’ll explain how you can automatically format email addresses. Continue reading InDesign Magazine #70: GREP of the month

Speaking at PUBKON 2015 in Cologne

I’m happy to announce I’ll be speaking at PUBKON 2015 (die InDesign- & Publishing-Konferenz – the InDesign & Publishing Conference) in Cologne, Germany. PUBKON has organised their conference for a number of years now and have chosen a venue in Cologne this year. Continue reading Speaking at PUBKON 2015 in Cologne

New video: create flexible grayscale images

I just released my fourth video tutorial on YouTube. This time I’m using Adobe Photoshop to create a “flexible grayscale” image. This means I’m converting a colour image to a grayscale version, but I’m doing it in a non-destructive way that would still print using only one printing plate. You actually need a trick to make this work!

You can watch the video here:

InDesign Magazine #68: GREP of the month

Issue 68 of InDesign Magazine was published this week, including my “GREP of the month” article. This month’s issue is all about using workflow systems with Adobe InDesign. And during my short one-page article I explain how you can use InDesign’s GREP feature to find a sequential range of letters or numbers. Continue reading InDesign Magazine #68: GREP of the month

InDesign Secrets article: double stroked tables

I just finished a new post in the InDesign Secrets blog. Thanks to Tim Gouder’s post on his blog InDesign-Blog.de I was able to do an English translation and post it on InDesign Secrets. The technique shows you how to add a double stroke to an InDesign table.

Click here to read the article.

New Adobe DPS video tutorial: creating an automatic number sequence

This new video tutorial teaches you how you can use Adobe InDesign and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite tools to create an automatic number sequence. The technique in this video involves nesting an image sequence object into a multi-state object which is then triggered using a button.

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