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New Adobe Photoshop videos on using Smart Objects

This month and last month CreativePro released two of my new Adobe Photoshop videos on using Smart Objects. Even though this news isn’t as recent as it should be, I suddenly realized I didn’t announce this on my blog yet. If you’re into Photoshop and want to discover more about Smart Objects you can click on the images below to learn more! Continue reading New Adobe Photoshop videos on using Smart Objects

Photoshop video tutorial: create Star Wars intro using Smart Objects

During the next few months I’ll be producing several short Photoshop video tutorials for CreativePro, focusing specifically on Smart Objects. Many people only associate Smart Objects in Photoshop only with copying and pasting over artwork from Adobe Illustrator. But you’ll soon discover that Smart Objects can do a lot more than that. To kick off the video series I decided to show you how to recreate the famous Star Wars intro, just using Smart Objects. Continue reading Photoshop video tutorial: create Star Wars intro using Smart Objects

Adobe Muse HD graphics for Adobe DPS: new article

Have you ever wanted to create web graphics for your Adobe DPS project that look crisp on both SD and HD devices? Well you can thanks to the newly introduced HiDPI settings in Adobe Muse.

iPad2 versus retina display

My latest article on CreativePro shows you how to set up your project in Adobe Muse and proves that this new option allows you to use HD graphics for your projects on retina display devices.

Read the full article here.

How to organize an effective Adobe DPS project briefing

When you’re working as a DPS freelancer or an agency you often find yourself struggling to get a decent briefing out of your client. Sure, they know how to handle and organize their print projects by giving you info on deadlines, paper size, folding, spot colours and other important things. But the details of a digital publication are often still too obscure to some people, which can lead to missing information to get the job done (in time). In those cases, it is up to you to help your clients setup a decent briefing to get (and keep) a DPS project on the rails. My article on CreativePro.com gives you 9 tips on technical and practical requirements and will help you collect all the information you need from your client.

Read the full article here.

Reduce the total ink in CMYK images using Photoshop

CreativePro just published a step-by-step tutorial I wrote that describes how to reduce the total amount of ink in your CMYK images.  Having too much total ink in your CMYK document is a pretty common problem. Sure, there is a total ink limit option embedded in your CMYK ICC profile but that doesn’t stop you from boosting the colours a bit more in Photoshop after a conversion to CMYK.

You can read the full article here on the CreativePro website.