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It’s that time of the year again

No, it’s too early for x-mas. But summer is over and that means that the creative conferences are back. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this (waaaay overdue) blog post from Newark airport while awaiting my connection flight. Yes, I’m on my way to the Adobe MAX 2017 conference in Las Vegas where I’ll be presenting 4 Adobe InDesign “deep dive” lab sessions. Continue reading It’s that time of the year again

2017: a new year = new conferences

2017: a new year = new conferences

Just like last year, 2017 will be filled with conferences and other interesting events. And lucky for me I get to speak at several of them again this year. So if you’re around and you have a few hours to spare be sure to attend a few sessions. The importance of learning new skills, being agile and knowing what’s happening in the world of design and technology has never been greater. Here’s a preliminary list of what’s happening in my world:

Continue reading 2017: a new year = new conferences

Speaking at the InDesign Conference in Washington D.C.

It looks like I’ll be staying a bit longer in the United States after my InDesign lab sessions during Adobe MAX and continue my journey to Washington D.C. to speak at the InDesign Conference. Needless to say my InDesign-geek heart just skipped a beat. Continue reading Speaking at the InDesign Conference in Washington D.C.

Speaking at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego


Though already “old news”. A few weeks ago I learned that I was named an Adobe MAX Master for my InDesign sessions. This means I was one of the top 20 speakers at the conference. And not only that, I was also awarded the speaker with the highest overall score. So a big thank you to everyone who attended my sessions and supported me. I hope to see all of you again this year in Las Vegas during MAX 2017!



I’m ecstatic to announce I’ll be speaking at the Adobe MAX 2016 conference in San Diego this year.  I’ve spoken at several other events and conferences overseas. But the sheer size of the conference (probably around 9.000 creatives this year), labs, sessions, announcements and other overall craziness makes MAX a totally unique event that you should attend at least once in your creative life. Something to scratch off the bucket list! Continue reading Speaking at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego

Speaking in London about digital publishing

Continuing my list of announcements, I’ll be speaking in London on 13th March about the world of digital publishing. My good friend from Certitec, Jon Bessant, and myself have joined forces to present you with an informative day seminar discussing all things digital and mobile publishing. Continue reading Speaking in London about digital publishing

Speaking at PePcon 2015 in Philadelphia

It’s official! I’ll be speaking again at PePcon 2015 (the Print and ePublishing Conference) in Philadelphia, PA.  If you’re into print or digital publishing I’d highly recommend you jump on a plane and get to Philadelphia to attend my session. But there’s a lot more to discover … Continue reading Speaking at PePcon 2015 in Philadelphia

Speaking at Adobe User Group Belgium meeting, Brussels

Next week, on Jan 27th, I’ll be presenting 2 sessions at the next Adobe User Group Belgium meeting in Brussels. During these sessions I’ll introduce Adobe Edge Animate and show how to create simple or more advanced HTML animations. This is a general introduction to Edge Animate and will be perfect for anyone who hasn’t tried the software before, or isn’t sure what it can do.

As a follow up session I’ll be showing off how to build interactive websites without writing code using Adobe Muse . I really love Adobe Muse and think it’s a great tool for designers who want to create web pages but don’t want to get into code writing.

Attending these sessions is free of course and you can find more information here.