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Back from MAX 2017, with a wonderful story

Back from MAX 2017

I started out my career as a graphic designer, getting my hands dirty on every design product Adobe could come up with. But after a few years I learned that I had an even bigger love for teaching Adobe products to designers in a classroom environment and speaking at conferences. So that’s what I did for the next 8 years, through out Europe, the US and Australia, before I joined Adobe in 2015.

Last year, I was a guest speaker at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego. And I was thrilled to learn that my suggestion to organise an Adobe InDesign session for advanced users was approved. Not only was I excited to put on my (classroom) trainer shoes again, I got to host a hands-on lab session for 100 people at a time. And the best thing of it all was that I got to do that 3 times in total during the MAX conference. Continue reading Back from MAX 2017, with a wonderful story

It’s that time of the year again

No, it’s too early for x-mas. But summer is over and that means that the creative conferences are back. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this (waaaay overdue) blog post from Newark airport while awaiting my connection flight. Yes, I’m on my way to the Adobe MAX 2017 conference in Las Vegas where I’ll be presenting 4 Adobe InDesign “deep dive” lab sessions. Continue reading It’s that time of the year again

Speaking at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego


Though already “old news”. A few weeks ago I learned that I was named an Adobe MAX Master for my InDesign sessions. This means I was one of the top 20 speakers at the conference. And not only that, I was also awarded the speaker with the highest overall score. So a big thank you to everyone who attended my sessions and supported me. I hope to see all of you again this year in Las Vegas during MAX 2017!



I’m ecstatic to announce I’ll be speaking at the Adobe MAX 2016 conference in San Diego this year.  I’ve spoken at several other events and conferences overseas. But the sheer size of the conference (probably around 9.000 creatives this year), labs, sessions, announcements and other overall craziness makes MAX a totally unique event that you should attend at least once in your creative life. Something to scratch off the bucket list! Continue reading Speaking at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego

My Adobe MAX 2014 report

My Adobe MAX 2014 report

I just got back from my first Adobe MAX 2014 in Los Angeles and have to say I was impressed with the event organisation. Long time ago I attended the only 2 MAX editions that were organised in Europe. These were in Barcelona 2007 and Milan 2008. But the original MAX in L.A. is a whole different ball game. The scale of the event was a lot larger and felt better organised and more professional. Just like the previous years Adobe chose the L.A. Convention Center as their primary location for all the networking, sessions and hands-on labs. While the main keynotes and “Sneaks” were held in the Nokia Theatre across the street. And these facilities were easily able to hold the nearly 5.000 attendees while keeping them happy and entertained. Here’s my Adobe MAX 2014 report. Continue reading My Adobe MAX 2014 report

I’m a technical assistant at Adobe MAX 2014

I can’t express how excited I am to be able to attend Adobe MAX this year in Los Angeles. But it’s not all fun and play, no no no. I’ll be working there as a technical assistant, supporting the hands-on workshops and other sessions.

Continue reading I’m a technical assistant at Adobe MAX 2014