Two new Adobe XD courses released on LinkedIn Learning

Two new Adobe XD courses released on LinkedIn Learning

I’m super proud to announce that not one, but two new courses have been released on LinkedIn Learning. And both cover Adobe XD, the best UX design and prototyping tool out there.

Using Adobe XD with the Creative Cloud Apps

In addition to all the tools and plug-ins that make Adobe XD a standout design tool, a key advantage of XD is its place in the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem. In this course, Bart Van de Wiele shows how you can leverage the strength of XD with other design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Stock. He shows how to open and place native Illustrator and Photoshop content into Adobe XD, how to share and update content with Creative Cloud Libraries, and how to leverage Adobe Stock in your creative process. In addition to showing how to bring content into Adobe XD, Bart also shows how to export content out of XD and use it in other design applications.


Kick-starting Adobe XD projects with Adobe Creative Cloud from Using Adobe XD with the Creative Cloud Apps by Bart Van de Wiele

Adobe XD Plug-Ins: The 2021 ‘Must-Have’ List

Adobe XD’s third-party plug-in ecosystem is extremely rich and broad, with over 300 different plugins available to help you better design, prototype, and collaborate when building an interactive user experience. In fact, there are so many options that you might feel just a little overwhelmed. Where do you start? In this course, instructor Bart Van de Wiele’s takes you through his must-have list of Adobe XD plug-ins for UX designers in 2021. He sorted through the extensive library and picked his top choices for designing user experiences, presentations, and interactive prototypes, so you can skip that time-consuming process and get right to learning how to actually use the plug-ins.

Hidden gems to boost your productivity from Adobe XD Plug-Ins: The 2021 Must-Have List by Bart Van de Wiele