About me

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My name is Bart Van de Wiele and welcome to my blog. I’m from Belgium, living in the beautiful city of Gent. My professional life, work and hobby all revolve around Adobe software. Through work and travel I talk to a lot of people and was regularly asked where and how people can follow the things I do, the talks I give or articles I write. So I decided to start this blog to bundle all my activities together. Though I have to admit that keeping the blog up to date is sometimes challenging.

How I started in the business

I worked as a print designer for about 7 years doing almost everything a print designer can do; be creative, work on big budget ads but also do repetitive tasks and work on endless catalogues. Ah well, it’s all in a days work I guess. It’s a great business where creativity and technology go hand in hand. I also loved doing image retouching and manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. I switched to a job as a trainer around 2008 and it’s been great teaching people how to use their favourite programs every day. I used to fill my days training clients on how to get the maximum out of their Adobe software. In 2013 I took a 1-year break from my life in Europe to live and work in Sydney, Australia. There I worked for a Sydney based training company called City Desktop Training. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Shortly after having returned to Belgium in July 2014 I accepted a job offer from Adobe where I've been working ever since. I work as a Principal Solution Consultant for Adobe's media products like Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe Stock. I specialise in design, collaboration and best practices. My main objective is to assist my sales colleagues and enterprise clients with technical advice during the pre-sales cycle. I also support the SMB business and participate in various marketing events. I'm a very regular speaker at tech and design events, host webinars, road shows and other PR  related events.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in having me as a speaker. Adobe's always open to this.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

— Bart

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