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2017: a new year = new conferences

2017: a new year = new conferences

Just like last year, 2017 will be filled with conferences and other interesting events. And lucky for me I get to speak at several of them again this year. So if you’re around and you have a few hours to spare be sure to attend a few sessions. The importance of learning new skills, being agile and knowing what’s happening in the world of design and technology has never been greater. Here’s a preliminary list of what’s happening in my world:

I’ll be speaking at:

Attending (not speaking, or too soon to say):

Interested (but we’ll see what happens):

  • 6-7-8th April: OFFF Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
  • TBA: OFFFbyNight (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • TBA: Bump Festival (Kortrijk, Belgium)

If anyone else is interested in hearing me speak, I wouldn’t mind flying to the USA, Japan or Australia for a change ;-)


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