Speaking at Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego


Though already “old news”. A few weeks ago I learned that I was named an Adobe MAX Master for my InDesign sessions. This means I was one of the top 20 speakers at the conference. And not only that, I was also awarded the speaker with the highest overall score. So a big thank you to everyone who attended my sessions and supported me. I hope to see all of you again this year in Las Vegas during MAX 2017!



I’m ecstatic to announce I’ll be speaking at the Adobe MAX 2016 conference in San Diego this year.  I’ve spoken at several other events and conferences overseas. But the sheer size of the conference (probably around 9.000 creatives this year), labs, sessions, announcements and other overall craziness makes MAX a totally unique event that you should attend at least once in your creative life. Something to scratch off the bucket list!

Ok, so what’s the gig?

I’ll be hosting a 90-min hands-on lab for Adobe InDesign users. MAX has a whole range of InDesign sessions available going from an introduction to Adobe InDesign to other specialties like handling good typography, creating ePUBS and other fun sessions.

I’ll be hosting an “InDesign Deep Dive” session showing off more advanced techniques. This session is ideal for anyone who has a basic understanding of Adobe InDesign and wants to take their skills to a higher level. A few features that we’ll be using  are (but not limited to):

  • Advanced style settings, including Nested and Object Styles.
  • An introduction to basic and advanced GREP expressions to automate formatting.
  • How to use InDesign’s Preflight options and avoid common print errors.
  • How to use variable data using Text Variables and Data Merge.
  • Set up a collaborative workflow using CC Libraries and Adobe Stock.
  • A series of time saving tips and tricks, and much more!

Off course I’m not only happy to be part of the MAX speaking community this year. I’ll also have the chance to meet up with so many friends of mine from around the world.

You can sign up for my session here.

Two years ago I attended my first MAX (pre-Adobe) and wrote  down my impressions. Read the old article here.

I hope to see you all there!

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