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New Adobe DPS video tutorial: creating an automatic number sequence

This new video tutorial teaches you how you can use Adobe InDesign and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite tools to create an automatic number sequence. The technique in this video involves nesting an image sequence object into a multi-state object which is then triggered using a button.

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Custom poster image for YouTube videos with Adobe DPS

I love embedding YouTube videos in my digital publications using InDesign and Adobe DPS. They offer a great way to save lots of megabytes when designing your interactive document. And with todays HD options and broadband streaming, it seems like more and more people jump on the “stream train”.

But unfortunately we’re still not living in a perfect world where it’s no longer necessary to safely remove a USB drive, Comic Sans isn’t installed by default or where you’re not online all the time. And it’s for that last scenario that we want to be careful  when automatically trying to stream video. Because we want to control what the users sees during his reading experience. The following workflow will show you how you can hold off from automatically streaming by not using the “Auto Play” function and using a custom poster.

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