InDesign Magazine #70: GREP of the month

Wow time flies. Issue #70 of InDesign Magazine has just been published. If you’re a subscriber you should download it now before the PDF gets cold! Why, you ask? Because again my new GREP-of-the-month expression has been published. And this time I’ll explain how you can automatically format email addresses. Continue reading InDesign Magazine #70: GREP of the month

Speaking at Adobe User Group Belgium meeting, Brussels

Next week, on Jan 27th, I’ll be presenting 2 sessions at the next Adobe User Group Belgium meeting in Brussels. During these sessions I’ll introduce Adobe Edge Animate and show how to create simple or more advanced HTML animations. This is a general introduction to Edge Animate and will be perfect for anyone who hasn’t tried the software before, or isn’t sure what it can do.

As a follow up session I’ll be showing off how to build interactive websites without writing code using Adobe Muse . I really love Adobe Muse and think it’s a great tool for designers who want to create web pages but don’t want to get into code writing.

Attending these sessions is free of course and you can find more information here.

Photoshop video tutorial: create Star Wars intro using Smart Objects

During the next few months I’ll be producing several short Photoshop video tutorials for CreativePro, focusing specifically on Smart Objects. Many people only associate Smart Objects in Photoshop only with copying and pasting over artwork from Adobe Illustrator. But you’ll soon discover that Smart Objects can do a lot more than that. To kick off the video series I decided to show you how to recreate the famous Star Wars intro, just using Smart Objects. Continue reading Photoshop video tutorial: create Star Wars intro using Smart Objects

Speaking at PUBKON 2015 in Cologne

I’m happy to announce I’ll be speaking at PUBKON 2015 (die InDesign- & Publishing-Konferenz – the InDesign & Publishing Conference) in Cologne, Germany. PUBKON has organised their conference for a number of years now and have chosen a venue in Cologne this year. Continue reading Speaking at PUBKON 2015 in Cologne