Adobe dropping DPS Single Edition

Adobe drops support for Adobe DPS Single Edition apps

Adobe DPS MnemonicStarting May 1, 2015, Adobe will no longer support Adobe DPS Single Edition apps via or through your Creative Cloud license. And on December 4, 2014, Adobe will also remove DPS Single Edition as a purchasable product from To most people this change will come as a surprise, especially since there’s been more competition than ever from third-party solutions for creating apps from Adobe InDesign. Adobe DPS Single Edition (SE) has always been a great selling point for Creative Cloud licenses and seeing it disappear soon is inevitably going to lead to disappointment with clients and designers. After all it has been available since 2011. It was a way for small design firms or freelancers to create and build apps for clients and expand their range of services as an agency. The demand for digital publications has only increased over the last year and I think DPS SE was a great way for people to get into DPS, or digital publishing in general, for the first time. Continue reading Adobe dropping DPS Single Edition