I’m speaking at CreativePro Week 2020

I’m super happy to announce that I’m speaking at CreativePro Week early June. Well, virtually at least since this year CreativePro Week has become an online event due to the quarantine. And because of these changed circumstances you’ll be able to follow all of my sessions online and rewatch the recordings later (which might be very valuable to some). Of course this is not the same as being able to say hi to myself and other speakers in person. But at least no one will have to miss out on great content this year. Here’s a quick rundown of my sessions.



Tuesday, June 2, 10:30 am – 11:30 am Central

creativepro week 2020

It’s the ultimate Adobe power-trio: InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator! But you’ll never be efficient with any one of them if you don’t understand how they work with the others!

Topics include:

  • Why layers are such a big deal
  • How to properly set up Photoshop and Illustrator files for InDesign
  • Choosing between layers and artboards
  • CC Libraries: the secret back door conduit
  • Best practices for managing vectors and pixels
  • And much more!


Managing Your Assets with Libraries

Tuesday, June 2, 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm Central

creativepro week 2020

Working smarter-not-harder is possible when you leverage features in InDesign like native libraries and Creative Cloud libraries. Both offer a way to save, organize, and share your brand assets. In this session, you’ll explore the differences between InDesign native libraries and Creative Cloud libraries, and see how you can significantly speed up your daily workflow and help you push through global updates over multiple programs and projects.

Topics will include:

  • The difference between InDesign libraries and Creative Cloud libraries
  • How to create and manage Creative Cloud libraries
  • How to store your assets in online folders
  • How to use the web portal to manage your assets
  • How to share your libraries and collaborate with others
  • Best practices when re-using assets in multiple Adobe applications


XD for presentations

Thursday, June 4, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Central

creativepro week 2020

Adobe XD is changing the way many think about designing and prototyping for the web and mobile applications, but it’s also found an unexpected use case. With its blazing fast performance and intuitive features like Auto-Animate, more and more users are starting to craft their presentations completely using XD. In this session, Bart will share their tips and tricks for how to get the most out of Adobe XD for presentations, how to build incredible animations to tell your story (without having to use a complicated timeline interface), how to collaborate with others to build your presentation, and how to share and present your final masterpiece.

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