I’m speaking at CreativePro Week in New Orleans!

Hi all! Well, the title already gave it away. I am indeed presenting two sessions during CreativePro Week from June 4–8, 2018 in New Orleans. There are so many reasons why I’m very excited about the trip. Let me explain.

My top reasons for attending CreativePro Week

The people

First of all, it’s actually my first time speaking at CreativePro Week. I know I know, I’ve spoken at PePcon and the InDesign Conference before. But this is CreativePro Week, the all-in-one-super-awesome-graphic-design-conference, with a pickle on top. So this means I’ll get to talk to not only print designers but also photographers, illustrators and many other talented people. And then of course there are the speakers. I have to say it’s quite an impressive line up (for the record, not because I’ll be there myself ;-P). Mark Heaps, Julieanne Kost, Nigel French, Von Glitschka, Russel Brown … the list goes on and on. To me it’ll be a time of seeing old friends and hopefully making new ones.


The content

Because of this wide range of speakers and topics through out the week, there’s bound to be a few very juicy tips and tricks. And though I live and breath “Adobe” everyday I’d never go around claiming I know everything. I always like to compare this to cooking. It’s not because someone is a great chef that he can’t experience good food or learn a few new dishes using the same ingredients. So I hope I’ll have some extra time to attend a few sessions myself. And if I don’t learn any new tricks, I can always end up learning interesting presentation techniques (btw, did you know during CPro there’s the “Click” conference as well? Be sure to attend that if you want to beef up your own presentation skills).

I’ll be able to disclose more about my exact sessions pretty soon, so stay tuned!

The location

I’ve visited the U.S. many times now, on an average of 2 times a year. But I’ve never been New Orleans before and it looks so exciting and different. So I’m very much looking forward to just being a tourist. You know, try the food, stroll around, buy things I don’t need. And best of all, the conference is located downtown.


So as you can see it’s more than worth jumping on a plane and visiting New Orleans next June. And if you do, be sure to say hi when you see me. You can’t miss me, I’ll be the tall guy ;-).

More info here.

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  1. Mary Gay Marchese on January 31, 2020 at 19:54

    Dear Bart,

    My name is Mary Gay Marchese and I work in the public relations department at Markzware.  Our company develops affordable data conversion and preflight tools for users in the graphic arts and print-media. 

    I see that you will be speaking at the CreativePro week in Austin. We will be exhibiting at this show as well — please stop by and see us. Pat Marchese (our President and CEO) and David Dilling will be attending

    I also wanted to reach out to you so see if you would be interested in looking at our new product, IDMarkz for Adobe InDesign file users. We just recently released this product and it has been gaining great traction in the graphic arts and printing industry.

    IDMarkz displays InDesign file previews, exports InDesign files to IDML and image file types, plus converts or opens InDesign files in other DTP applications.

    Some of the very cool features also include:
    • Open InDesign files CC 2020 in earlier InDesign versions, and in QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, Acrobat, or Illustrator.
    • Preview any Adobe InDesign file and view basic file info. Zoom previews and drag thumbnails from the preview area, to create a PDF of the page.
    • Export InDesign files as IDML, (even without a Creative Cloud subscription), PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF.
    • Create PDFs with editable text, from older InDesign files; annotate in Acrobat DC, then open in InDesign CC 2020.
    • Convert multiple Adobe InDesign files to InDesign Markup Language (IDML), without a Creative Cloud subscription. 
    • Automate the file conversion process.
    Currently Markzware is in the process of changing the framework in which our technology resides (IDML), and the Markzware products are now stand-alone versus being an Adobe plug-in or QuarkXPress extension. The ‘Markz’ moniker adds a sense of ‘continuity’ when identifying with Markzware for branding purposes. 

    We would love to send you an NFR copy to get your feedback and thoughts on this product. Would you like for us to generate one for you?

    Looking forward to your response.
    Kind regards,
    Mary Gay Marchese

  2. Bart Van de Wiele on March 21, 2020 at 21:23

    Hello Mary,
    Yes I hope we’ll see each other in Austin! If so, I’d love to see a demonstration.

    See you there!

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